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There should be a Laz-Z-Boy recliner in every man cave. A Morning checks out some of the different styles out there.

It is a well known fact that a person’s work performance is affected by the work environment and comforts at the work place. Comfort is among the chief factors that can influence a person’s performance and help him sustain his focus on work so as to deliver his optimum energies. Again while on the subject of comfort, leather recliner chairs are undeniably one of the main objects that can help or hinder a person’s work performance. Comfortable leather chairs will obviously increase the efficiency of work and this in turn will help the whole company prosper. To some this may seem like an offhand statement and even untrue. Let us look at it in greater depth. When a person sits on a chair for long hours, from experience, all of us would know the discomfort it causes especially to the back and the bottom. When sitting on any ordinary chair a person has to exert some effort in sitting in a comfortable manner and this puts additional stress especially to the lower parts of the vertebral column. The weight of the body is all concentrated on the bottom and this makes it quite sore. This will after some time affect your performance and the discomfort will not allow you to fully concentrate on the work at hand. Therefore it is very obvious that improper seating can hinder the work performance of a person. Getting proper seating apart from providing comfort and relief from accumulated muscle stress would in the long run help you from many posture related disorders. as far as work is concerned, this also means a reduction in the number of days that people will call in sick. Also work time is plentifully wasted as workers get up every now and then to stretch their aching muscles. This again diverts their attention and reduces work output. So although the initial investment in getting the recliner chairs is bit expensive, the long term benefit definitely does outweigh the cost of obtaining the chairs. It is a worthy expenditure in every aspect, be it monetary gain, employer’s well being and ultimately the company’s prosperity.

Immerse yourself in a total sensory experience. Interactive Health has taken the revolutionary technology of Human Touch TouchSONIC® and added it to an exclusive, ultra-comfortable, ergonomic anti gravity leather recliner chair, forever changing the way people achieve and enjoy relaxation.

TouchSONIC® opens up a new world of tactile (motion) audio experience when you connect to nearly any sound source. This motion is more than the boring, vibrating beat of the music you get from other, somewhat, similar chairs. With the Human Touch TouchSONIC® anti gravity recliner chair, you will be transported directly to the center of the sound.

And it’s not just about connecting to your favorite music. Get more out of playing video games and watching movies when you experience total motion/sound immersion in the best leather recliner chairs.

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Never worry that you’ll disturb others while you’re rocking out to your favorite music. A set of headphones and custom controls is all you need to customize sound intensities designed to maximize your listening/sensing experience.

Do you want to immerse yourself in mighty sub-sonic sounds or would you rather just listen to soft, relaxing music? With the TouchSONIC® experience you get to decide what you need to feed your senses. The handheld controller allows you set the sub-sonic levels, audio levels, headphone levels & shoulder speaker inflation rate to suit your mood.

For the best seat in the house, treat yourself to cutting edge audio technology with the new leather recliner chair – Black Anti Gravity Recliner Chair with TouchSONIC® technology.Product Details
Full Human Touch Factory 3 year Warranty is INCLUDED!
Bonus Built In Speakers for the ultimate home theatre experience!